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Ultrasurf Latest version 19.02


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Feeling trapped by all of the restrictions that your local government has placed on your internet access? If so, it is time to break free and join the millions who have used Ultrasurf VPN to access the entirety of the web.
Ultrasurf VPN was founded in 2007 to give residents in oppressed countries the ability to bypass internet restrictions, and enjoy all of the same content on the web that citizens of relatively free countries enjoyed. The basic human right to access information spurred the creation of Ultrasurf VPN, which soon took off.
So how exactly does Ultrasurf manage to provide unrestricted access to the web? The process is quite simple actually, as Ultrasurf swaps out your IP address with the IP address with one of its foreign servers, which is under a different set of legal restrictions. Therefore, switching to an IP address in a country with little to no censorship laws allows for more complete access to the web.
Thus, you can explore the web from multiple different countries to access the information you desire most. Additionally, each time you connect to Ultrasurf your data becomes encrypted through a private tunnel, to ensure that none of your personal details will ever be captured. The end to end encryption keeps your data safe from the likes of hackers, oppressive governments, or overbearing employers.
However, there is far more to Ultrasurf than just bypassing censorship, as the service additionally allows you to stream content from your favorite media sites while abroad. Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, and YouTube can go with you no matter where you travel, so that you can have all the comforts from home from any location.
Forget that you ever dealt with restricted internet access by joining Ultrasurf VPN today.
• Stream Netflix at Astounding Speeds – Forget the misconception that using a VPN will make your Netflix experience slow and dysfunctional – Ultrasurf VPN provides blazing fast speeds so you can race through every season of your favorite show.
• Access Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube – Having trouble accessing social media and news sites? Connect to Ultrasurf VPN to bypass regional and local restrictions to access popular social media sites from any location in the world.
• Extremely User-Friendly Interface – What good is a VPN if you can’t even manage to navigate your way through the user interface? Thankfully, the user interface provided by Ultrasurf VPN is super simple, and allows you to effortlessly connect to the VPN.
Ultrasurf VPN is available exclusively for Microsoft Windows and Android.
Though it is a relatively basic service, Ultrasurf VPN does in fact offer a fine way to circumvent internet censorship.
Ultrasurf was originally created to give internet users a basic way to circumvent internet restrictions in developing and closed off countries. Due to its altruistic nature, the service became quite popular and was downloaded by millions.
Today’s Ultrasurf paints a slightly different picture, as the service is now rivaled by plenty of other competitive VPN’s and proxy servers.
One of the more positive aspects that sets Ultrasurf VPN apart from other VPNs is its excessively quick connection speed. Users can access streaming content such as Netflix and other online media sites while hardly even noticing a hit in internet speeds – something that many other competitive VPNs struggle to manage.
Furthermore, the service does still in fact allow users to bypass internet restrictions, and access content which may be banned in their home country. As a result, the VPN is still used by many not overly concerned about features, but rather unrestricted web access.
As for privacy, the service does provide a decent end to end encryption like any other VPN. However, the VPN does keep a log of users activities for 30 days, which seriously deters many users from using such a service.
Overall, Ultrasurf VPN is good for those looking to stream Netflix and other types of media. But due to its logging policies, it may not be the best choice of a VPN for those strongly concerned with privacy.
Servers and Speed
Countries – NA
Server Count – NA
Speeds – Roughly 5% decrease in download speed when using VPN. Upload speed will remain almost the same when using the VPN.
Does it Work with Netflix?
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FileDow says:
  • Protects the privacy of its users
  • Protects against downloading of malware, spyware
  • Does not slow user's system performance
  • Designed for outdated Internet Explorer

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File size:3.43 MB
Supported Operating Systems:Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000
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