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Do you want to go past the geo-blocked content? Or, are you fed up with the ever throttling internet speed while accessing the online streaming services and while playing online games?
Either way, TunnelBear VPN comes to your rescue. It provides a seamless safe and secure internet browsing and surfing experience by directing your web traffic through an encrypted tunnel. This way your information is kept safe from any possible intruders, government agencies, data thieves and others. TunnelBear changes your IP address to the one at the chosen server’s location, and this is how your identity is kept safe and secure on the web.
With TunnelBear, you can easily access any region-locked content whether it be a sporting event or a blocked movie. Simply unwind yourself and have the best online browsing and surfing experience without worrying about revealing your real identity!
Download TunnelBear today and get set to experience the uncensored Internet without leaving any digital footprints!

• A Well-Connected Network - With servers in more than 20 different countries, use TunnelBear from anywhere to hide your online presence. Get the reliable connection and high-internet speeds that allow you to access the internet without any restrictions.
• Excellent Speed: Access high speeds and have an ultimate online gaming experience without any lags! Simply, stream your favorite movies and series uninterruptedly.
• Smartphone, Tablet, PC and More: Seamlessly connect up to 5 devices with TunnelBear at a time, and do not ever worry about someone trying to spoof or spy you.
• VPN Kill Switch: Shed all your worries related to data leakage. TunnelBear comes equipped with a VPN kill switch which makes sure that your IP address is never leaked, no matter what.

Get set to experience the best quality virtual private network services along with full-on entertainment with a bear-theme interface!
You can use the VPN on Windows, Mac, Android or iOS – TunnelBear provides comprehensive coverage on all major platforms. Not only in terms of operating systems, but users can actually access the VPN even on Chrome and Opera extensions, which is simply excellent.
Have too many devices, and want to connect all of them at once? TunnelBear would not disappoint you at all. It supports five connections at a time without throttling the speeds significantly. Furthermore, the VPN would keep you connected irrespective of your location. It has its servers well-scattered in more than 20 countries which is definitely a plus for VPN lovers!
No VPN is worth it without a strong assurance of security. TunnelBear fares well in this aspect and uses the standard OpenVPN protocol along with 256-bit AES encryption which is in line with the industry’s standards. As expected, the VPN doesn’t store any logs, and even if it does, they are non-invasive. This might have surely sounded like music to your ears, yes?
Talking about the customer support, no user complaints go unheard. Even though they don’t have a live chat support, they are quick in responding to queries after tickets are raised.
One thing that could have been better is its speed. Besides that, the VPN doesn’t support Netflix, all thanks to the recent steps taken by Netflix to block VPNs. Further, the VPN would not help you if you love torrenting.
All in all, TunnelBear is worth the money, and if you do not have any strict Netflix and torrenting requirements, this can be a perfect match for your needs!

Servers and Speed
Countries – 20 with servers in 1500 cities
Speed - 21 Mb/s download speed. 14.2 Mb/s upload speed

Does it work with Netflix?

Does it work in China?
Not guaranteed, but may work with some changes and tweaks.


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Product Details
File size:155.00 MB
Supported Operating Systems:Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows 10
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