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ReplyButler: Outlook boilerplate texts Latest version 6.05

ReplyButler: Outlook boilerplate texts

Software Review

How often did you type \"Dear Mrs. ...\" and added a few words that were almost always the same? Why bother with such repetitive task? We don\'t and you shouldn\'t either That\'s why we created the ReplyButler::, an add-on for Microsoft Outlook that saves you from a lot of boring typing (and typos). Directly after the first click on the Outlook-Button \"Reply\" it gets clear how convenient this is. ReplyButler: automatically detect the name, the language and the style of the mail and generates a matching answer. It\'s astonishing how reliable the program does this and creates a perfect answer. (Depending on the situation with his first or last name and of course with a matching greeting phrase.) The next feature is great for everybody who uses Microsoft Outlook at work. Especially here you often have very similar situations that require the same e-mails (e.g. \"thank you for you inquiry...\"). You can store these Textmodules in ReplyButler: which makes it very easy to organize them and later use them in other e-mails.


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File size:2.35 MB
Supported Operating Systems:Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows 10
Languages:English, German
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