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ExpenseMonitor Excel Latest version 1.0.0

ExpenseMonitor Excel

Software Review

The ExpenseMonitor Excel software is intended to make the tracking of expenses simple, easy and yet powerful enough to make monthly totals and charts on the fly, helping you analyze the spending pattern efficiently.

This software needs Microsoft Excel, and it has many powerful features as follows:

(1) Charting on the fly: Monthly totals for items and categories are plotted as bar chart and pie chart respectively. If income is entered, pie chart containing saving is also plotted.

(2)Totals on the Fly: Totals of each item, each category and all expense are calculated in the worksheet on the fly.

(3) Yearly consolidation: Totals of each item, category and group can be consolidated into a yearly summary and charts on the click of a button.

(4) Grouping the expenses: Expense item can be flagged into recurring and/or tax-deductible group. This information is used for yearly consolidation into different groups: all expenses, non-recurring, recurring, and tax-deductible. This will aid in filling taxes, and in better analyzing your spending pattern.

(5) Flexibility in defining categories and items: The software provides a comprehensive list of expense categories and items. However, it also provides the flexibility to define your own categories and items

(6) Time savers: Whenever the ExpenseMonitor is opened, a small tool bar will appear. It has the following time saving tools: searching utility and sum calculator, freezing/unfreezing columns, searching for a chart, showing calculator, and generating report.

(7) Searching ability: You can search for a string or value in worksheet or comment, and calculate the total of chosen expenses with the provided sum calculator. This utility can help you in many ways, for example, bill consolidation.

(8) Help file: ExpenseMonitor comes with good help file offering tips and useful internet links.


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Product Details
License:Free trial
File size:180 KB
Supported Operating Systems:Windows XP, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 95
Developer:Vidyasoft Applications
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