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Coin Collecting Book Latest version 1.0

Coin Collecting Book

Software Review

\"Coin Collecting Book\" can give you the information you need to find that rare coin and determine if this is a hobby you would like to pursue.

Discover this:

* Becoming a Numismatic - the fancy word for a coin collector
* Where to find coins - some places are better than others
* What you should look for in a coin - shiny isn\'t always better
* What are mints and mint marks - master this before you get started
* What affects the value of a coin - is it all about age?
* Getting started - learn how to begin without a lot of hassles
* Grading your coins - learn how or
* Should you use a grading service - what is your preference?
* When should you sell - timing is everything
* Pros and cons of buying at auction - best know who is bidding
* About commemorative and other special coins - these are specialty coins
* How and where you can buy bullion coins - limited availability but worth it
* Detecting counterfeit coins - don\'t get taken in
* How to avoid shysters and frauds - yes, they are out there and you need to learn the ropes
* How to care for your coins - a glass jar just doesn\'t get it

Getting the answers to these and other compelling questions is a must for anyone who is considering coin collecting as a hobby or avocation.

Learn all the ins and outs and discover whether this is a hobby you would like to pursue. If you do have a \"stash\" of coins you\'ve been gathering in a large water jug, today is the day to discover if you have \"buried treasure.\"


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