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Cal3d2ogre Latest version 1.9


Software Review

As the name suggests, Cal3d2ogre allows users to convert files that have been saved using the Cal3d format into the ogre file format. Cal3d2ogre is a simple and easy to use tool with a clean and slick interface and one goal in mind. Cal3d2ogre can convert XML Cal file formats into Ogre3D, mesh and other material file formats.

Cal3d2ogre can be a one-time program or something you keep in your tool belt for regular use. It is a small download and doesn\'t require any technical expertise to use. It is quick, easy and very simple. Cal3d2ogre can do a number of other things along with converting these file types, it can take files that have been saved in a binary format and turn them into Cal3d files. It can also parse Cal3d configuration files before converting them to the ogre file format. Cal3d2ogre can also support and convert the LOD file format and a handful of other file formats. Cal3d2ogre is widely used and can be picked up and mastered by anyone, regardless of their prior programming or technical knowledge.


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FileDow says:
  • Converts XML Cal files to other types
  • Can convert binary files into Cal3d2ogre
  • Easy for new users to master
  • Simple interface lacks certain features

Product Details
File size:139264 KB
Supported Operating Systems:Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000
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